Get Yourself An Accountability Partner

In my last post I walked you through my D.R.E.A.M. B.I.G. method for reaching your big goals in 2019 - if you missed it, check it out HERE. One of the steps was getting an accountability partner. I feel this step is important enough for a dedicated blog post. I want to help you find the right ally and share with you things you should take into consideration when looking for someone to partner with, along with ensuring a successful and mutually beneficial partnership.

Having an accountability partner can be a game changer when it comes to reaching a big goal whether it’s business or life. I know this has been the case for me. I have been using an accountability partner for 6-months. Without my her, I would never complete a single blog post.

We both have the same goal: to ensure we stay on track and consistent with writing our blogs. This has worked well for me because I am someone who needs due dates, especially for something that can be challenging for me, like writing. It provides me with just the right amount of motivation I need to get it done without dreading it. It has actually been a fun process and since my accountability partner is a friend, it has only strengthened our friendship. I know that without the deadline of knowing I have to get her my blog drafts and revisions, writing my blog posts could and would stay on my to-do list for far too long.

Things to consider when finding YOUR perfect accountability partner:

Where to look:

Facebook groups, friends, networking. ​Finding someone that is a good fit can be hard. Some ideas on places to find this person is through a post in a Facebook Group, a friend you know that has some big goals like you or even networking groups. Keep in mind, just because someone says yes doesn’t mean you should jump right in. “Interview” each other to ensure that you are both on the same page and committed to the process. Each couple will look different, it is not a one size fits all, but it should fit for you.

Have a similar timeline:

Each of you must have a big goal in mind with a similar timeline. The end goal does not need to be the same, but it is important that the timelines are. Whether it’s 3-months, 1-year, or on-going, it has to be similar. This is imperative. Let’s say your timeline is 1-year, but your partner’s is 6-months. What incentive do they have to ensure you reach yours. While they may have the best of intentions, not having a vested interest in the process because their goal has already been reached will not benefit you in reaching your goal.

Set up a schedule:

Set appointments and follow through. Make sure that you are following some sort of schedule. Whatever that looks like for both of you is fine, but if there is no schedule for calls or when things are due, you will find that things start falling off and you are not getting any closer to the goal.

Create a foundation:

Speaking of being on the same page. Once you think you have found the right person you will want to have a call to lay the foundation of the relationship. You will want to outline what your partnership will look like and what you both hope to achieve from it. What are both of your expectations and what are each of you going to do to support the other person. In my case, we are both writing blogs and commit to doing one per month. With that in mind, we set up a schedule each month that includes due dates for 1st drafts, multiple revisions, and the final version. We use google docs to make the document sharing process easier. You can always update as needed, but this will allow for a great starting point.


This one is an absolute MUST - commit to the process. Are things not getting done that you had agreed upon, or have you lost interest in the goal and therefore not really interested in supporting the other person? If you or your partner are not committed, move on. It is only fair that both people be invested.


You must be comfortable sharing and receiving honest feedback. You are there to hold each other accountable and offer honest feedback. If you or your partner do not feel comfortable sharing or receiving this, it will not help you grow and reach your goal.

Check in with each other:

Check in with each other to ensure the partnership is working for both of you. This does not be a long conversation, but checking in to make sure it is working for both of you will continue to cultivate a great relationship and ensure you are both still in it. At the end of the day, people’s goals can change and that is ok, you may have to find someone new, it is better to know that sooner rather than later.

Think of it like dating, you may have to test drive a couple of people to find the right one. While finding the right person can take some time, it is worth the effort when you find them. My accountability partner has been an invaluable asset in supporting me to be consistent with my blog and other aspects of my business, and I hope I have done the same for her.

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