Why not me?!

The truth is, I can, but for so long I have let the proverbial voices in my head tell myself that I can't. That I am not going to succeed and will fall flat on my face. I also worried about what people would think if I started to share more of myself and my life. I was so scared of being judged that it stopped me from taking the leap. I know I am not the only one who has this nagging little voice. I am sure at some time or another we have all had it. It’s the voice that says don’t celebrate too much, or don’t take that risk, or don’t go for that dream – what would people say, what if I fail, WHAT IF?

As I write this, the voice is still there. It is still telling me that I will fail at this venture of moving to Denver, going out on my own for work, and starting this new brand; I mean who does all that in a matter of 2 months. Well, ME, that's who. I am not listening to that voice. I am taking the risk and going for it, because what’s the worse that happens, I fail. With failing comes so many lessons, even if the lesson is what not to do in the future.

I have to say that I have learned so much more in life when I have failed and then picked myself back up again, than when I succeeded, especially on the first time. When you have to continue to push through the difficulties of life there are so many lessons to be learned and so many wonderful experiences that come from it. Its like a relationship, there are the ups and the downs. The ups keep us fighting for the next up, but the downs is where we learn and grow. That is what this experience is for me. The up was quitting my job, it was making the decision to move, it was finding new opportunities; but along the way I know there will be struggles, like where is my next paycheck coming from, will I be able to find a new community of friends as great as the ones I have in Vegas, what if something happens and I don't have my support system. One thing is for sure, through these struggles and so many more that I am sure I will go through, I will learn and grow as a person and be better for it.

As for this blog, the voice is also there telling me I am not a writer, but neither were famous writers before me who sat down one day and started to write. It took courage and patience and practice; and the drive to just start – it took ACTION. I hope that one day I can look back and be proud that I finally am doing just that, I am taking the ACTION to start this website and to start this blog. I am ignoring the voice in my head that tells me I am not a writer and I am going for it, because along the way I know that I will learn so much, not just about writing, but about myself.

I am excited for this new journey and I hope that you will come along for the ride, because there are sure to be laughs, joy, struggle, and tears and I plan to share it all!

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