"This course was exactly what I needed as I've been in a creative slump. Every time I've taken a paid course is when I've had the most momentum in my business. Trish is like a big sister who takes you by the hand, in a non-judgmental way and helps you examine all aspects of your business. The Budget and Tracking Tool in the Money Plan was a godsend as this is my weak area. Business finance gives me anxiety but with these easy to use tools I feel confident that I can organize my finances. This is a course that I'll be referring to throughout the year!"


"Great set of courses! Perfect for women just starting their business or a great reminder for those a few years in! I would highly recommend!"


"I was super excited while exploring this series, it was user friendly, simple and realistic with making big goals and how to work with them daily to achieve it. I think it's super beneficial and encouraging and it made me wanna hug the person who took the time to create each of these courses!!"


"Honestly, every new and growing small biz owner should take the Confident New CEO series. It's like a micro-MBA you can finish in one day, with everything you NEED to know, without any fluff or unnecessary details. I've been in business for about a year, and I wish I had this course when I was starting out - it would have saved me a LOT of confusion and struggling! Even just listening to Trish talk, during the few hours of video content, makes me feel like I can totally DO THIS and put every strategy to use right away. She makes everything seem easy and doable, and explains things in a way that just click easily into my brain. Make this course part of your education as a new CEO, you won't regret it!"


"I have taken a lot of business courses through my career as an entrepreneur. I would say Trish's courses were the most comprehensive of any I have listened to. I loved how she broke everything down into totally digestible pieces. I found it incredibly helpful when she used her experience creating the courses I was actually listen to as examples to explain different topics in the course. Whether you take all the courses or just choose the course specific to your need, you can't go wrong. With video, presentation slides AND a supplemental workbook success is right around the corner for all of us!"


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